MiniPremios "Esau" de fisica. Reglas.

Guess this blog is the more official site for Esau mini and microprizes of research.


  • 0) A prize of 600 Euro will we awarded to the first article published in a peer reviewed section of any of the journals Nature, Physical Review Letters, Physics Letters B or EuroPhysics Letters and fullfilling following conditions 1 and 2.

  • 1) The paper must include figure 1 of preprint nucl-th/0312003 and figure 1 of preprint hep-ph/0405076, as they appear in the archive Stylistic modifications must be authorised by asking to my email address, below in point 9.

  • 2) The paper must quote both preprints nucl-th/0312003 and hep-ph/0405076 in its bibliography.

  • 4) The paper can be either pro or against these preprints, or just collateral to them.

  • 3) Explicit permission is given here to use any part of the above preprints in the paper -independently of third party rights, if any-.

  • 4) Page charges will be covered if the authors institution is unable to do it. In this case the authors must contact the prize judge (myself) in the two weeks following acceptance of the paper, and partial financial support from "Esau Miniprize" must be acknowledged in the article.

  • 5) The prize must be claimed by contacting the judge in the two weeks following printed publication of the paper. Not claiming it will suppose the implicit renounce to the award.

  • 6) Successive prizes of 187, 123, 98 and 86 euro will be awarded to the first articles quoting any of the above preprints in any of the journals Nuclear Physics (A, B), Physical Review (any except Letters), Modern Physics Letters, Science, European Physics Journal (any except Letters).

  • 7) A separate prize of 264 euro will be awarded to a suitable (in opinion of the judge) calculation of relativistic bound state of two fermions with different masses M1 < M2 coupled via a yukawian field of mass m smaller than M1, M2 and where the particle 1 suffers a additional coupling to a boson of mass Mb near to M2. The goal of the calculation is to study the dependence of the bound state levels on M2 when it crosses the value of Mb.

  • 8) All microprizes must be claimed by contacting the judge in the two weeks following printed publication. Not claiming it will suppose the implicit renounce to the award, which will be reserved for the next claim.

  • 9) All consultations and contacts relative to the competition must be done directly to the judge, Alejandro Rivero, via email with the subject "CONFIRMADO Esau Prize" either to the address, or, and a copy to the address {user=arivero,}.

  • 10) The judge does not renounce to the right to run himself, as author or coauthor, for any of the prizes.

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